Renewable Energy Projects

MARC Systems is involved in the renewable energy sector. The company delivers parts of the PV-Diesel Hybrid Solutions Systems for SMA Solar Technology AG. In particular we develop parts of the software for two products: Fuel Save Controller and Battery Storage Controller.

Fuel Save Controller

The Fuel Save Controller (FSC) product was already sold to over 50 customers around the world. FSC has also received number of rewards:

  1. Intersolar AWARD in the “Photovoltaics” category for the SMA Fuel Save Controller at Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich
  2. Der SMA Fuel Save Controller, vorgestellt von der SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) aus Niestetal bei Kassel, kombiniert Dieselgeneratoren mit Photovoltaikanlagen und reduziert den Dieselverbrauch deutlich. Nun können bis zu 60 Prozent der Generatorleistung mit Photovoltaik ergänzt werden. Dieses Potential lässt sich durch modulare Erweiterung und Einsatz von Batterien weiter steigern. Die Jury zeigte sich beeindruckt: "Der SMA Fuel Save Controller baut eine Brücke zwischen den 'zwei Welten'der fossilen und der erneuerbaren Energie und erschließt neue Geschäftsfelder für Solarunternehmen", so die Fachjury. (Presseportal)

    Middle East Electricity Award 2015

  3. Middle East Electricity Award 2015 für das beste „Solarprojekt des Jahres“ für ein im April 2014 installiertes PV-Diesel-Hybridsystem.

  4. Intersolar AWARD 2014

Battery Storage Controller

The Battery Storage Controller (BSC) is a part of the worldwide largest PV-hybrid system with battery installed in 2014. The entire facility is installed in Cobija, Bolivia. It provides power to 55.000 residents delivering 22.6 MW in total whereas 5.2 MW come from PV and 2.2 MW from battery. The rest deliver diesel generators.

Battery Storage Controller in Cobija

Test Facility for PV-Hybrid Systems

MARC Systems also wrote the control software for the first test facility for hybrid systems by SMA Solar Technology AG. In this test facility it is possible to test Fuel Save Controller and Battery Storage Controller together with SMA Inverters, third-party diesel generators and batteries.

Test Facility for PV-Hybrid Systems

All above pictures reproduced by courtesy of SMA Solar Technology AG

Underground Mining Simulators

MARC Systems offers development of the 3D simulators.

Dr. Marciniak was a project leader of an international team of designers and developers in Germany and Australia who created a 3D long wall simulator for Caterpillar. The system simulates a complete 450 meters long wall with all physical features of applied machines such as shearers, shields, conveyors, crushers etc.

MARC Systems offers now development of such simulators. These simulators can be built both for large facilities worth +200 millions of dollars as well as for smaller systems, machines and buildings.

To see a simplified demonstration of the simulator for shield and shearer just select one of the images below. It will download the required player which can replay the simulation. You can influence many parts of the displayed machine using the controls provided by the first menu point.

Shield 3D simulator
Shearer 3D simulator
3D shield simulator 3D shearer simulator