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In modern, highly developed societies, cooking is a Megatrend. Not only because the food is the most important need of every human being, but because it has a central role in building of social contacts.

Additionally there is an Influence of globalization. The Cuisine is continuously in change: the tastes from different countries are being combined and tested in new dishes.

The following trends can be observed:

  1. Previous niche areas are converted to main trends e.g. vegetarian or vegan food
  2. Recipes for new dishes are developed
  3. New health-promoting food products (so called Superfood) are getting produced
  4. Many diet foods (low-fat, no-sugar etc.) are getting produced
  5. New Bar-Scenes for enthusiast of craft beer or new cocktails arising.
  6. More and more people are ready to spend more money than usual for healthy food (e.g. organic) and/or fancy food.

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